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Seek God First

God And Cancer: A DIY Healing Perspective

Jesus said: "But seek first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33 NKJV

  • Author Edward G Palmer provides God's And a DIY healing perspective
  • This unique book discusses the spiritual issues that influence healing
  • Many DIY alternative healing strategies for cancer are identified
  • This book gives you the power to take control of your cancer healing
  • Color ePub edition for all eBook readers - $2.99 Immediate Download
  • Color Kindle edition - $2.99 Immediate Download
  • Color PDF edition via PayPal - $7.95 Immediate Download
  • Softcover Print edition $14.95
  • Hardcover Print edition $21.95

Jesus teaches: "Do not worry about tomorrow and what you need." If you or a loved one is facing cancer, especially a doctor's death diagnosis, you and your family will benefit from this DIY Cancer Book. Edward G. Palmer

God's Fruit Seed Cure

G. Edward Griffin Explains Cancer

world without cancer video

The Truth About Cancer

Truth About Cancer

Ty Bollinger Cancer Website
  • Author of "CANCER - Step Outside The Box" book
  • Excellent resource to study cancer causes and cures
  • DIY products available to treat and cure cancer

Cancer Is Curable Now - Movie

Cancer Is Curable Now

Cancer Is Curable Now Movie
  • A 115 minute Movie of life saving information for all who have cancer
  • Explains what you need to know and why cancer is curable
  • Everyone concerned about cancer should watch and study this movie

Outsmart Cancer Resource

Outsmart Your Cancer book
  • This is a $26.95 eBook with alternative cancer cure protocols
  • 21 Alternative cancer cures are discussed in detail in this eBook
  • Detailed information on the Protocel liquid cancer cure is provided
  • Additional alternative cancer resources are available at this web site

Cancer Secrets 2024

Jonathan Otto's Cancer Documentary

Cancer Secrets Documentary Series
  • This is a Cancer Secrets Documentary website
  • Jonathan Otto is a health and healing researcher/documentary producer
  • Everyone needing to understand cancer should watch Cancer Secrets
  • Otto interviews many alternative cancer cure healing experts

Truth About Chemotherapy

The Truth About Chemotherapy

The truth about chemotherarpy
  • Naturalhealth365 is an excellent alternative health website
  • Jonathan Landsman is a leading alternative health and fitness expert
  • There is a significant amount of healing information at Naturalhealth365
  • Jonathan Landsman is an interviewer and also a guest speaker on health subjects

GreenMedInfo Health Database

Green Med Info

The GreenMedInfo website
  • GreenMedInfo is a database of alternative health information
  • Sayer Ji is a leading alternative health and healing expert
  • There is a significant amount of searchable health information at GreenMedInfo
  • Sayer Ji is an interviewer and also a guest speaker on health subjects

Root Canal Dangers

Root Cause Movie

The Root Cause Movie

In one study of breast cancers in women, 90% of the women had a root canal on the same side of their mouths as the cancerous breast. The reality of root canals has not caught up with most dentists. However, why should you leave a dead organ inside your body? A YouTube documentary called "Root Cause" explains how dangerous root canals can be to your health. 100% of bacteria cannot be removed during a root canal procedure. This results in an eventual bacterial infection or abscess, which then drains through lymph tissues to other organs. Cancer is one result being observed. All of the roots of teeth are connected directly to other organs in the body. Therefore, a root canal can cause disease in the organs of the body, and even cause cancer.

Antineoplaston Cancer Cure

The Story of Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 40-Year old Antineoplaston Cancer cure
  • Successfully has treated brain tumors
  • Assaults from FDA, NCI and ACS
  • Attempts to throw Dr. Burzynski in jail
  • Attempts to shut this cancer cure down

The FDA, other Government Agencies, the American Medical Association, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society have all worked to suppress alternative cures for cancer. Treating cancer is big business. The story of Stanislaw Burzynski's cancer treatment protocols using antineoplastons shows to what extent establishment forces will go to suppress cancer cures. Get educated and you will learn that many institutions are not interested in curing cancer. They are interested in treating cancer --until you die. The first step in getting cured is to take responsibility for your own life and explore all treatment options. Author, Edward G. Palmer

This GOD AND CANCER: A DIY HEALING PERSPECTIVE bonus website page is dedicated to providing additional information on CANCER CURES that are being hidden from the general public by doctors who are either ignorant or forbidden by the medical industry from providing such critical alternative cure information to patients.

The links on this site are provided for information purposes only. This is an additional effort to get the word out about hidden cancer cures. It is very difficult today in a media controlled environment to disseminate alternative DIY cancer cure information. We believe that you will find this information useful or will know someone who can use it. By clicking on a topic, you are opting-in to receive the information or view the listed site(s). If this information helps you, write to us at the address below and let us know. Alternatively, you can use the feedback form to communicate with us. Keep checking back as the site will be updated periodically.

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